Q1. How to use SelfStudyforIAS platform effectively?

  • The SelfStudyforIAS platform helps the civil services aspirants to fill in the gaps in their syllabus coverage during the course of their preparation.
  • The platform covers all the topics that are mentioned in General Studies syllabus of UPSC civil services mains examination.
  • The topics are diverse, multi-faceted, comprehensive and covers various dimensions as required for civil services examination.
  • Every topic is integrated with relevant videos and debates which a serious aspirant must watch for more clarity of subject.
  • A suggestion is when an aspirant is going through a topic, he/she must make notes in his/her language. Making own notes helps one to retain the content much better than simply reading it.
  • Joining essay enrichment / mains test series programme will enable aspirants to get direct feedback and doubt clearing vis-à-vis their preparation from Civil Services Toppers. This facility is made available to enable aspirants get feedback of what toppers do differently.

Q2. Is Note making necessary?

  • Though it is entirely one’s own preference , but making own notes has its own benefits such as
    • Helps in grasping and absorbing the content better.
    • Better content retention over longer duration.
    • Easy to recall points in examination hall. When one can recall points easily and quickly, the speed to cover entire paper within 3 hours becomes easy. ( As completing paper involves two fold process : recalling point quickly which is a mental process and second writing quickly which is mechanical process).
  • Note making also helps in quick revision as an aspirant has flexibility and space to make his own snippets, tables, descriptive diagrams, info graphics etc. which helps quick recall of facts and points.

Q3. Do I need to read NCERTs also?

  • While starting preparation of Civil services examination, it is suggested that one must go through NCERT books.
  • This is because :
    • Aspirants come from diverse backgrounds like engineering, medical, commerce etc i.e Non-Arts / Non-Humanities background. NCERTs are like basic building blocks of preparation. It builds base especially for Non-Humanities aspirants and act as a stepping stone towards comprehending more complicated preparation stuff.
    • NCERTs are easy to comprehend and give one a clear basic overview of topics.
    • While going through NCERTs of various subjects one also gets to identify a special interest in a particular subject which one may take as an optional subject at later stage.
    • While preparing for General Studies, one is not expected to do a PHD in it. NCERTs in such a scenario gives a conceptual and factual clarity of a topic.
  • However, NCERTs alone are not sufficient for General Studies preparation. They need to be supplemented by other materials.
  • Here is a list of NCERTS which are sufficient to kick start your general studies preparation. CLICK HERE

Q4. What are the benefits of answer writing?

  • It helps aspirant to know how much exam paper he can attempt within 3 hours time-limit. If he is unable to attempt it fully , then how much time per question he/she needs to devote accordingly.
  • It helps aspirant to know what kind of style of answer writing suits him like paragraph format, bullets format etc.
  • After an aspirant attempt answer writing, feedback from good and genuine sources is very important. Feedback will help aspirants to plug in lot of loopholes in his/her answer.
  • A lot of coaching classes conducts answer writing test series for mains exam. But the answer sheets are checked/ evaluated by coaching staffs and not by professional teachers, therefore SelfStudyforIAS has come up with answer evaluation by UPSC SELECTED TOPPERS.

Q5. Do I need to cover entire syllabus of General studies before appearing in exam?

  • Yes, at least you must have good idea of each and every topic mentioned in the syllabus of General Studies . Each and every topic of the syllabus is equally important. You may observe that UPSC has habit of asking questions from even those topics which aspirants might feel less important.
  • So SelfStudyforIAS has tried to give aspirants a good enough coverage of almost all topics of General studies in best possible manner.

Q6. Is it possible to crack UPSC exam just by watching video / video lectures?

  • Though videos / video lectures are important for conceptual clarity but they alone are not sufficient to crack exam. One must have topic wise concrete material to study, revise and quickly refer when needed.
  • Videos can only supplement one’s preparation. Reading, analysing, thinking, brainstorming and writing is very important which is generally possible when one has either notes or good content- reading material.

Q7. What kind of debates shall I watch for preparation?

  • Aspirants should regularly follow debates and discussions especially on RSTV, LSTV. Focus should be on apolitical debates. Debates help one to widen horizon of thought as it gives perspective of different participants/panellists from various backgrounds.
  • SelfStudyforIAS has itself tried to integrate some important debates and discussions alongside the General Studies topics so that it becomes easy for an aspirant to get all relevant material along with videos at single source.

Q8. How SelfStudyforIAS.com is helpful in my Civil Services exam preparation?

  • SelfStudyforIAS helps an aspirant to cover almost each and every topic of General studies in comprehensive, multi-dimensional and structured manner.
  • For better conceptual clarity the platform has integrated lots of graphics and videos within each and every topic to make learning fun and interactive.
  • Our essay enrichment programme and mains test series enables aspirants to get feedback of their answers from civil services toppers itself who have scored high in mains exams. This initiative also helps aspirants to know the tricks employed by toppers in examination and what enables them to score high as compared to others.
  • SelfStudyforIAS also provides in depth analysis of current issues which are important and relevant from exam point of view.
  • SelfStudyforIAS gives aspirants only relevant information and study material rather than bombarding them with lots of information and making an aspirant overburdened and merely collector of information.
  • Moreover, the content of General studies has been developed under the mentorship and guidance of already serving IAS, IPS and IRS officers. Who else can be a better guidance than these officers itself?
  • Our program is a live program which will be constantly updated both according to the needs of the candidates and the exam itself.
  • Abhyas portal LIVE NOW!

Q9. How can I subscribe SelfStudyforIAS.com?

  • One can subscribe SelfStudyforIAS.com in following ways:
    • Join our Essay enrichment programme
      (click here)

      or Mains test series

      (click here)

      to automatically become our subscriber and avail unlock facility of entire content as per the package of essay or mains test series that you have chosen.

    • Click on any locked topic of General studies 1 ,2 ,3 , 4 and choose your subscription/membership period as per your preference

Q10. What are various subscription models available?

  • Subscription to SelfStudyforIAS.com is available ( as per one’s preference ) either for
    • Six months
    • One year
  • The subscription can be renewed any time.
  • Aspirants who have joined our essay enrichment programme or mains test series automatically gets subscription as per their selected package.

Q11. How is SelfStudyforIAS’s essay enrichment program different?

  • Multi-dimensional essays are given in each and every practice paper
  • Model answers developed by selected UPSC toppers are provided.
  • Feedback of essays given by selected UPSC toppers.
  • A whatsapp/telegram group for guidance / mentorship by selected UPSC topper is provided to guide aspirants in right direction.
  • Essays of UPSC toppers will also be provided to aspirants.
  • Entire Content of general studies gets unlocked for a time period as per selected essay enrichment package.
  • For more details
    (click here)

Q12. How is SelfStudyforIAS’s mains test series different?

  • Tests cover multi-dimensional questions to give real taste of what UPSC asks in mains examination.
  • Focus of questions in test series is on both static as well as current issues.
  • Model answers developed by selected UPSC toppers are provided
  • Feedback of tests are given by selected UPSC toppers.
  • A whatsapp/telegram group for guidance / mentorship by selected UPSC topper is provided to guide aspirants in right direction.
  • Test copies of UPSC toppers will also be provided.
  • Entire Content of general studies gets unlocked for a particular time period as per selected mains test series package.
  • For more details
    (click here)

Q13. How my doubts in test series would be covered?

  • Aspirants who are part of essay enrichment programme or mains test series would be added in a whatsapp/telegram group.
  • A group of aspirants would be assigned selected topper as a mentor on whatsapp/telegram group to guide them and clarify their doubts.
  • Feedback of their attempted essay or mains mock paper would itself be given alongside checked answer copy.

Q14. What is Abhyas initiative?

  • An initiative for MCQs for UPSC prelims (coming soon)

Q15. After joining essay/mains test series of SelfStudyforIAS, what additional features will I get?

Q16. What optional SelfStudyforIAS is covering?

  • For the time being in collaboration with selfstudyhistory.com, SelfStudyforIAS is covering History optional.

Q17. How is SelfStudyforIAS’s current affairs and news analysis different and beneficial for Civil services examination aspirants?

  • SelfStudyforIAS does not believe in bombarding aspirants with over-information and petty current affairs unnecessarily.
  • Our focus would be on in-depth analysis of current Affairs and not current news which is not the demand of UPSC strategy.
  • The analysis of current affairs would cover various aspects and dimensions of the concerned topic along with added handmade info- graphics.

Q18. Will I have to read any other sources for GS if I cover all materials of this platform?

  • At SelfStudyforIAS we provide an exhaustive coverage of all the topics in a holistic manner ensuring that the aspirants can be best prepared to tackle all kinds to questions in the the examination. We will be covering dynamic topics and current affairs on regular basis. These, including our test series will cover every possible topics for exam and you don’t have to refer to other sources.

Q19. Can I use this platform for state PCS?

  • Many state PCS has overlapping topics of their General studies with those of UPSC Civil service examination.
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