Since We Cannot Change Reality, Let Us Change the Eyes Which See Reality


  • The meaning of the statement is that life is not an object but it is an experience. There are beautiful things and as well as ugly things. There are well placed things. There are misplaced things. Often we are driven by an urge to change the things which we do not like. But our ability to change is although infinite, better approach is that change the reality if you can or adjust to it if you cannot (Darwinian thought). This is a specific statement which must be analysed in a perceptive manner and not just superficially.
  • At different times and in different ways, people try to move from feelings of danger to safety, from intrusive images and nightmares to more tolerable memories, from acknowledging loss to reclaiming hope, and from feelings of isolations to reconnection. Human being is always in escapist mode and fails to see the reality.
  • Also relate the rationality threats of human being with lack of fore sighting power and spirituality which leads to selfdevelopment.

The above topic mainly deals with:

  • True and positive change in the society is not due to external forces it is due to internal forces, change in perception and thinking of each individual.
  • The reality should be perceived as it is without any pre-conceived notion that distorts our rationality.
  • Positive attitude is must for self development as well as development of others; a dull and pessimistic attitude cannot lead the society towards better end.


  • Structure the statements such that it brings the holistic view about the true reality and perception of reality defined by our attitudes, behavior and pre-conceived notions and positive and negative consequences of such interpretations in our wellness and development.

Main Body

  • Human beings are rational but the emotions engraved in them, make them believe in the consequences which also can differ from the reality. The perception plays an important role in that.
  • Elaborate with few examples like, perception of view to analyze the situation and things in accordance with the time is much countable such as; let’s take the ‘amount of water’ analogy. The idea that a being might not see how much water there really available is but only ‘the right amount’ versus ‘the wrong amount’, half glass full or half a glass empty. That could certainly be the case perceptually such a creature wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between “too much” and ‘not enough’.
  • The wrong perception about life and people brings negativity and narrows the decision making capability. Due to this people fail to see the real perspective and end in seeing what their minds want to show (i.e. negativity).
  • Then people start seeing faults in others and devoid himself from the love and care he needed for selfdevelopment.
  • Further people works for changing external forces. Can we change reality; we do change reality so reality does change through us, through our own more or less active presence. We can just try and contribute our efforts of change the pre-conceived notions attached to it rather that reality (in complete sense).
  • Linking with the issue like, in your life, with your contribution to good change decides your own destiny. But therein lays a complicated difficulty of life knowing which situations are the ones you need to change your perspective on, and which situations are the ones you should try to change. Because there is a trap at either end: you can fall into a trap of changing your perspective to accept a situation which may not necessarily be a healthy one and you can also waste time and effort trying to change a situation when you really should just accept the way it is.
  • Connecting the concept of reality, one can attribute almost every human war and catastrophe to people that chose to ‘change the eyes they see with’. Progress has been made by discovering reality and not interpretin it.
  • The essence of meditation is to stop interpreting life and instead experience it without filters. One could interpret this quote to just changing that is dangerous. People wearing rose tinted glasses are not people one want flying in his plane or running his favored government.
  • Imparting with the examples like, we do this all the time. Our eyes don’t show us ultra-violet light but, we can make cameras that detect UV just fine and map it into the range of colors we can see. When we do that, we can see that a flower has spots and stripes as shown by our UV camera – and DOESN’T have them in our normal vision. So in that case, we know that our eyes have limitations and don’t truly show the world as it really is.
  • We can just maintain the positive attitude to keep motivated and joyful towards life and its trajectory without working on changing the perspectives and behaviors of others.


  • It means bringing changes in attitude so that the situation doesn’t get to one. One should develop the view to look at the problem/situation from another angle so it’s not so negative. Otherwise, one just falls in situation like, hurting own self. While changing the attitude, one can have a better life verses exhibiting negativity which hurts him/her and others too.
  • So, on a path or avenue of more or less fruitful life one may change reality in an apotheosis of change hopefully in good progress, trying to have good glowing thoughts of own resulted in to more proud contribution to change in life in reality of now and the future.
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